Dr. John Gerdy

The Authority on the role of athletics and music in schools and communities

And a few other things:
All-American and Professional Athlete / College Prof / Lifelong Musician
College Athletic Administrator / Artist-In-Residence / Ph.D. / Non-profit Entrepreneur

Featured on ESPN, VICE & ED WEEK


Dr. John Gerdy has a unique blend of experience and accomplishments in both athletics and music.



John believes both music and sports, properly implemented, have the power to transform schools and communities.


Role of Music 


Music programs continue to be downsized and eliminated despite the overwhelming evidence of their power and effectiveness as an educational tool.

John Gerdy is a life-long musician, and founded an innovative nonprofit organization that promotes music as an educational and community building tool, and believes that music has the power to transform schools and communities.

Responsibility of Athletics


We have lost our perspective on the proper role of athletics within our schools and communities.

As a son of a football coach, an All-American athlete, and administrator in the NCAA and SEC, John Gerdy has experienced every side of athletics. He believes the roles of organized sports in our community has become more negative than positive.


I think Gerdy should be the Sports Czar. When he was with the Southeastern Conference, he systematically burst every bubble he could reach with his considerable wingspan, The good old boys were stunned. It really was a special time of sincere effort to reclaim what had been lost long ago.
— Bill Curry, former NFL player / Head Coach (Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia Tech & Georgia State)

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